Has someone been doing a rain dance?

Hello, my dears!

Reporting in following my (all too) brief soujourn in Shropshire. Mr. Stevenson and I enjoyed several days of visits to vintage selling establishments throughout that fine county, calling in at several in Shrewsbury, and following part of the South Shropshire Vintage Trail.

My favourite of all the shops visited is undoubtedly Bertie’s in Craven Arms. It’s full of truly beautiful 1930s and 1940s clothing and some absolutely amazing hats. I must admit, I was naughty and did ignore the slightly eye-watering price tag on a gorgeous umbrella with a celluloid handle of cream roses. Look out for it in upcoming Ritz shoots!

Speaking of upcoming Ritz shoots, the glorious sunshine that graced my little holiday has utterly disappeared and our planned photographic excursions to capture our new garments have been delayed by the grey skies, rainy weather and chilly temperatures. Waiting to be photographed are our new Man about Town suit, the Parisienne bolero suit first debuted last year, and two new 1930s dresses, the Socialite and the two-piece Heiress. We also have a new limited edition blouse on its way, and some gorgeous ivory linen trousers for the ladies. I’m currently crossing everything I own in the hopes that the coming weekend may bring some sunny weather our way!

In the mean time, I thought I’d let you have a little peek at the Heiress two-piece 1930s dress. Just a little peek, mind, I don’t want to give it all away!

Why yes, that is the neckline! Yes, it does have a bow! No, you can’t see more yet until it has been Officially Immortalised by Camera.

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